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This "Offer to Purchase" legal form of real estate property is copyrighted but is free to copy, revise and use but not for any type of publication online or print media like on books. Consult a lawyer before entering into a legal contract or signing any legal document.




(Real Estate)


Mr. Jerry Benitez

18 Sunflower St, New Manila,

Quezon City



                 Re: Blk.___ Lot___, Camilla St., Manila; with

                       lot area of _____sqm. more or less; covered

                       by T.C.T. No. ______________



Dear Mr. Benitez,


This is to express our firm offer to buy the above stated property through our authorized brokers, Alex Ortiz, subject to the following terms and conditions:


Purchase Price PhP: ______________________


Terms and Conditions:

1) Upon acceptance of this offer, earnest money in the amount of      amount in words      (Php:________) shall be paid and shall be credited as part of the purchase price.

2) The balance, in the amount of     amount in words    (Php:________) shall be paid in full within 15 working days.

3) The Capital Gains Tax and Broker's commission shall be for the account of the SELLER, while the Documentary Stamps, Transfer Tax and Registration Fees shall be for the account of the BUYER. 

Note: Revise and/or add terms and conditions of your offer. Also, change the names of the parties as applicable to you.


If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, please signify your conformity by signing on the space provided below.



Truly yours,




       James Santos, Jr.








        Victor Benitez





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